More About Me

I love Seattle

I was born and raised in Seattle and I truly believe it is one of the greatest cities in the world. I grew up around Seward Park, lived in West Seattle, Capitol Hill and eventually settled in the North End, so I have gained an intimate knowledge of many of the best neighborhoods Seattle has to offer. I love all the unique Tudor, Craftsman and Mid Century homes we have in this area. Having purchased and successfully restored an older home and yard to its former glory I have personal experience about the potential issues and vast rewards that come with owning a classic Seattle home. I have a large network of contractors, handymen, plumbers, electricians and landscapers who I know personally and recommend. Plus there is my first hand knowledge I will look forward to sharing with you. These are the kind of contacts you’ll need to make the most of your new home.

Windermere NW

One of the greatest assets I can offer is my affiliation with Windermere; the largest independently owned Real Estate Company in the Northwest. My associates here at Windermere are some of the most experienced and successful Real Estate Brokers in Seattle and are true experts in the neighborhood, including schools, churches, restaurants and cozy hideaways. Our combined knowledge assures you that I can get you an answer to any question regarding home ownership. Older properties often come with old wiring, outdated plumbing and other potential issues that should be addressed whether you are buying or selling. As your agent I will bring the resources, the support of Windermere and service professionals ready to address any concerns to protect your investment.

When you hire me

Choosing to buy a house is among the biggest and most emotional investments a person can make. With over 25 years in sales and marketing, giving over-the-top customer service and protecting your interests as a client is my number one priority. I have a knack for making our complicated real estate market easy to understand and I am ready to lend an understanding ear and a helping hand to guide you into your new home.

Things I enjoy

I am a garden fanatic and am always in pursuit of that perfectly manicured lawn. I have an extensive vegetable garden, am a member of Seattle Tilth and last year I was introduced to the joy of raising chickens. My wife and I enjoy watching the antics of our four hens and, of course, eating lots of fresh eggs. In the winter months I love to ski and hit the local slopes or take a short trip to Whistler, my personal happy place.