Brian was there every step of the way

Brian was there every step of the way even after the house closed he made sure everything went smoothly. His staging was impeccable. There wasn’t
a part of the process he wasn’t there to guide us through. Selling a home is a stressful process and he made it seamless.

Brooke and Scott (Seller and Buyer)

I am very happy to have worked with Brian!

I have to say the Brian exceeded all my expectations. When I decided to sell, I did my research. My main concern was the fact I lived 300 miles away and didn't have the time to travel back and forth. I looked through probably 40 to 50 realtors from multiple sources and I picked Brian because his knowledge, experience, attitude, professionalism, and confidence in his ability to get the job done.

I did not live in the area and needed to get some work done to the house to prepare for the sale. Brian had contacts for everything, from painting to landscaping. All the work was top notch and tasteful. The best part... They were able to get the work done within two weeks! Brian arranged it all for me. Due to his efforts I did not have to come to Seattle once for anything.

Throughout the whole process, he listened to my ideas and concerns. He was insightful, patient, and confident. With his experience and knowledge he guided me successfully through the sale of my home. I am very happy to have worked with Brian!

Tad (Seller)

Brian went above and beyond simply listing my house

When I was starting the process of getting my home ready to put on the market, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to find a respectable, competent, real estate agent to sell my home. Luckily, a family relative shared with me that Brian Landreville had just sold their home at a price that piqued my interest."

Selecting Brian Landreville as my real estate agent proved to be a wise decision! Brian went above and beyond simply listing my house...he helped me trim trees on my property, haul junk to the transfer station too many times to mention, and helped source 3rd parties for landscaping, painting and staging my house ...all of which resulted in multiple offers on my house - exceeding my expectations. Not only was Brian key in getting my house ready to sell, Brian also provided sound, reasonable advice, emotional support when I was swimming in doubt and was with me all the way to the end of the process by helping me find the house of my dreams based upon my seemingly impossible criteria.

Brian's passion, attention to detail, deep historical knowledge of the neighborhood, ensured I was able to sell my home for an amount that far exceeded market expectations. I Strongly recommend Brian Landreville as his honesty, integrity and professionalism went above and beyond the typical seller/real estate agent relationship.

-Greg (Seller and Buyer)

Brian manages the process from end to end.

We've bought a house and sold two with Brian. He's the best realtor we've worked with across several cities. He has solid knowledge of Seattle as well as established contacts with local contractors to help bring a house to market. Both of our listings were prepared spectacularly. In both cases, we sold over asking. When buying, he helped us land our townhouse below asking.

Brian manages the process from end to end. For the first sale, he helped us find and manage plumbing, foundation, painting and staging. By the time the house had been prepared for sale, it was unrecognizable. It sold after the first open house with both offers over asking (in 2013). In our second house, he coordinated painting and staging while we were remote. Again, two offers over asking after the first open.

We’ve recommended him to friends with similar results. When we look for realtors in other cities, we often see how well their process compares to Brian’s

-John & Tina

I've spent more of my own time selling an item on Craigslist than I did selling my condo!

Brian made the sale of my condo the easiest thing since sliced bread. I went on a whirlwind 4-week business trip and in that time he cleaned, staged, marketed and sold my condo without me even being in the same state. I've spent more of my own time selling an item on Craigslist than I did selling my condo! To say that he is on your side is an understatement. He IS your side. His marketing materials are top-notch and the vast knowledge of the market and neighborhoods that he brings to the table are unrivaled. I have recommended Brian to other people as both a selling and buying agent, and will continue to do so without hesitation.

If possible, CLONE HIM!!!!!

"I wish I would have known Brian a year or more ago. I believe he could have sold the house when no one else could. He brought a buyer to me when I had the house listed for sale by owner. When the deal fell through, he convinced me to try selling through him and Windermere. He committed to me that it would be worth listing with him/Windermere and paying the commission; and boy, was he right! I put more profit in the bank selling through him than selling on my own!!!

Brian adds so much value. He's not just a listing agent; he took the sale of my house as seriously as if it were his own home he was listing. Brian OVER DELIVERED on my expectations. At one point, we found him in our crawl space, cleaning out rat poop. No one asked him to do that, but he knew it needed to be done and he did it. I don't think anyone would have ever expected him to do that as it is not part of his role as a listing agent, but he just goes above and beyond. This is only ONE example of MANY!!!!

Brian deserves the highest praise there is available. He is a GEM!!! I will tell all my friends and neighbors to list with Brian!!! Again, I've never known anyone to offer such 'ADDED VALUE' to a service as Brian added to the sale of our home. He is a true professional and couldn't have been any more helpful and responsive. If possible, CLONE HIM!!!!!"
- Nicole (Seller)

Brian was diligent in the search and in his communication with us.

Brian was fantastic. His knowledge of and history with the Madrona to Seward Park area is deep, and was a huge resource as we looked at homes that needed updating. His experience with older homes gave us an idea of the future investments we were signing up for, and he quickly followed up with contractor tours to verify his gut instincts. He even introduced us to contractor and interior designer. I was living in Florida while Brian was searching for our home, and while that's certainly not an ideal situation, Brian was diligent in the search and in his communication with us. We lost a couple houses, but Brian never gave up, even when I asked him to shift to a rental search. We ended up finding a great home, in an amazing neighborhood, AND having a great experience with the contractor and designer he recommended
-Tom (Buyer)

I wouldn't hesitate in referring him to anyone!

We couldn't of been more pleased with Brian. He is by far the best real estate agent we have ever had. He helped us find our dream home in Sunset Hill, Seattle after we suddenly moved here from Oregon. He was amazingly patient with us, and kept us from jumping at too expensive, not so great houses when we were feeling desperate to hurry up and get settled. He was right when he said the perfect house would turn up soon. Soon after he said this, a better house than I could of ever imagined us living in turned up. With his negotiating skills we got it fast, and below asking price! Brian worked really hard for us and I wouldn't hesitate in referring him to anyone!
-Heidi (buyer)

Brian is the best realtor we've ever worked with

"Brian was the listing agent on our Columbia City home. We needed to sell the home quickly. He worked with us in getting the house ready tapping into his vast ending supply of contacts from painters to cleaners. He was always available and ready to guide us and provide a helping hand. Due to his expertise and marketing skills, we sold our home within 3 days and for a substantial amount more than what we ever dreamed of.

Brian also was our purchasing agent on our new home. The home was a short-sale. We've all heard horror stories of placing an offer on a short sale. Brian worked directly with the listing agent and helped with the legal team representing the bank. Not only did we close quickly, we closed quicker than a regular offer.

Brian continued to help us on our journey in our new home. He provides contacts for the miscellaneous jobs around the house and checked in with us every few months.

Quite simply, Brian is the best realtor we've ever worked with. He knows the area, knows real estate, and knows how to steward a good deal. He's got a great sense of humor.

If you're thinking of buying or selling a home - pick Brian for your realtor. You'll be glad you did!
-Brian and Christopher (Buyer & Seller)

Brian is truly a full service realtor

"Brian was our realtor during the sale of our Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood home, as well as our purchase of a home on the Eastside. Our experience with Brian throughout the whole process was outstanding and I fully recommend him.

We needed to make the move to the Eastside to live closer to our children's school and to minimize use of the SR520 floating bridge. Timing was a factor, as we needed to sell our current Seattle house and then make an offer on an Eastside house -- all during a period of time around the winter holidays. Brain managed all of these constraints well and ultimately helped us make the move and find the perfect house.

Brian has extensive knowledge of the industry and a professional network he can leverage, which was a great comfort as he led us through the sale and purchase transactions. We had a lot of unknowns at the time we decided to sell. In short order, Brian created a plan that we bought into and he guided us through all of the steps:
-He arrived at a listing price for our Seattle house quickly and effectively. Ultimately, the listing price created a high level of interest and generated multiple good offers.
- Brian's taste in staging the house was perfect. He concentrated on highlighting the most attractive aspects of the house and worked with us to make sure we were comfortable throughout. The transformation of our "well lived in" house, to a house fully ready for the market was truly remarkable!
- We have 3 children and his management of the open house and viewing schedule kept us at ease the whole time.
- In the end, we had an excellent offer in very short order, which reflects how well Brian sold us on the plan and moved us in to action, prepared our house, coordinated viewings and managed the final offer.

Brian's plan included a good strategy for finding a home on the Eastside and we found one that we are very happy with. He understood our needs, helped us narrow the search and was flexible and responsive during the whole hunt. In the end, it was Brian's character and his ability to build relationships with the people we needed to deal with that allowed us to get that perfect house. I can't stress enough how much it helped us having Brian on our side during the emotional process of negotiating the selling and buying of a home.

As a big bonus, Brian opened up his network of professionals to us as a resource. The preparation of our home for sale reflects on how well Brian chose the people to do that work. This includes painting, carpets, staging furniture, cleaning, landscaping, etc. -- all people we worked with through Brian that I would also fully recommend. This again, reflects on Brian's ability to work well with people; developing these good working relationships. His choice of the people he works with reflects his solid character -- he is open and honest, transparent throughout the process and great to work with.

Brian is truly a full service realtor."
- Joel and Christine (Buyers and Sellers)

The whole process was smooth, efficient, and problem-free

Brian was an amazing realtor. He took quite a bit of time to understand our priorities and preferences in properties. And by "quite a bit" I mean sending new listings daily over several weeks, even of properties out of our range or already under contract, just to see what we liked and didn't like. He spent hours driving us around to homes for the same reason. What makes this more impressive is that we weren't committed to buying *anything* in the near term. When we did find a house, he did a video walk-through for us (as we bought from out of state) and was prompt with answering all our questions. We never had to wait for a reply, by email or phone, and were so confident in his understanding of our needs we submitted an offer without ever seeing the house in person. We got the house and everything we wanted in negotiations. The whole process was smooth, efficient, and problem-free. I can't recommend Brian enough, though I've certainly been trying to spread the word. Between his expertise with actual architecture, his knowledge of the area, his willingness to go the extra mile (quite literally), and easy personality, he's the total package. I'm almost sorry I won't get to work with him directly for years; I'm thoroughly satisfied with my new home.
-Anne & Todd (Buyers)

Brian helped us to find the perfect home

"Brian helped us to find the perfect home in North Seattle that fit our budget and met our needs. The house is an awesome example of mid-century architecture and Brian had great intuition about it being the right home for us. Early on he spent time showing us different houses to get a feel for our preferences. When we saw the house we fell in love with it immediately, but thought in this competitive market it would be near impossible. Brian acted quickly, we saw the house on a Friday and were offering on Sunday. We couldn't believe it! He's amazing and was genuinely interested in finding the best house for us."
- Brian and Hillary (Buyers)

Brian is very attentive and is always proactive in dealing with any potential issues

"This is the second time that we have worked with Brian, which is the best measure of our satisfaction. Brian is very attentive and is always proactive in dealing with any potential issues. He was especially good at establishing a relationship with the listing agent which was the difference in our succeeding in a very competitive situation with another interested buyer."
- Dale (Buyer)

Brian is a terrific realtor and we recommend him without reservation

Brian helped us sell a million dollar home in Richmond Beach when I was bed bound. I was Executrix and he was chosen by the trustee of half the property. Brian was amazing to work with as we spent hours working together on the phone. He was helpful inside the home as he gave feedback on things we needed to do to get the house ready to sell. He even "rolled up his sleeves" and replaced an outdated chandelier He was so impressive we asked him to be our agent and sell our million dollar Kirkland home. I finally met him! Again Brian put sweat into our home. On a Sunday, he and his wife came to help us move a lot of furniture to stage the house. He had beautiful flyer done with professional photos. Our house sold in eight days with a full price offer! We have referred him to friends who are selling two homes. They have been very pleased with his help and referrals getting the properties ready to sell. Brian is a terrific realtor and we recommend him without reservation.
-Christie (seller)

I feel grateful that we found Brian

Brian is a fantastic realtor. He is thorough, knowledgeable, incredibly capable, he makes himself available at all times, and above all else he really goes the extra mile. Brian puts 100% in to everything he does. He puts an extraordinary amount of effort in to the details, doing his best to set us up for success from the beginning, ensuring that we would sell our house as quickly as possible and maximize on the sale. Additionally, his connections - from painters to gardeners to Underground Storage Tank De-commissioners - has made the process of selling our home as seamless as possible. I feel grateful that we found Brian and I would highly recommend him!
-Kelly (Seller)

Brian made himself incredibly accessible

"Brian made himself incredibly accessible and went above and beyond clearing his schedule to help us find a home. He even put together a last minute bid on Super Bowl Sunday, which was certainly above and beyond. He listened to our wants and desires and was able to find us some place great even though it hadn't been exactly what we initially had in mind."
- Britton and Campbell (Buyers)

Brian's service was outstanding

"Brian's service was outstanding! This was a bit of a complex purchase because it was a receiver/auction process. Brian was great at understanding all of the unique transaction details and deadlines and communicating those to me. It is clear that he had a good rapport with the listing agent which was critical in this transaction."
- Dale and Gail (Buyers)

Brian was able to understand what I like and wanted in a home

"Brian was able to understand what I like and wanted in a home. He consistently showed me properties that had many of the features that I was looking for in a home. I was very stubborn in looking for a home in my chosen neighborhood and target area despite having a limited budget. Brian was very patient and understanding and I eventually found a great house that suits my family's needs perfectly and in our ideal location. Brian always went above and beyond to show me all the places I was interested in as soon as humanly possibly which was critical in this market with such low inventory. Brian is a wonderful agent and honestly just a great person! I will recommend him to all of my family and friends. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
- Camille (Buyer)

I highly recommend working with Brian!

Brian is great! He was wonderful to work with, and he found me an amazing condo! This was my first time looking at real estate, and it was a great experience. We discussed what I was looking for, and within a week he had a number of places for me to check out. I highly recommend working with Brian!
-Lindsey (Buyer)

Grew up in Seattle and knows the area well.

"Grew up in Seattle and knows the area very well - Extremely responsive - usually within minutes of a text or call - Knows how to bid and negotiate well in the very competitive landscape that is Seattle real estate - has tremendous knowledge of home architecture - fun to work with"
- Jordan (Buyer)

Brian Landreville is a consummate professional

"Brian Landreville is a consummate professional. He was instrumental in helping us find the perfect home in the competitive NE Seattle market. He also helped us sell our house and get a good price. He was dedicated, always available to show us houses. He always made us feel like we were his only client."
- John and Patricia (Buyers)

Brian delivers totally premium service

"Brian delivers totally premium service and goes above and beyond the role; such as providing interior design help and home improvement resources like painters and handymen. He is a trusted advisor who is hands on all the way and always answered his phone and solved problems right away."
- Timothy (Seller)

Brian did a wonderful job in helping us sell our home

"Brian did a wonderful job in helping us sell our home. This was the first time we've sold a house and Brian patiently guided us through the process, providing timely and accurate guidance and advice. The manner in which he staged the house was exceptional and he provided personal touches by placing placards on walls in appropriate places."
- Carl and Joan (Sellers)

We really appreciate his deep knowledge of the various neighborhoods in Seattle

"We were on the hunt for the perfect home for 1 year 3 months and Brian stuck with us every step of the way. He really made the effort to get to know us and very soon understood what we might like and what would not suit our needs. This saved us precious time and energy, and helped us get through the myriad listings.

We really appreciate his deep knowledge of the various neighborhoods in Seattle, professionalism, and overall good humor. He's responsive, easy to get along, and a good listener!

It has been more than a year since he helped us find our home and we're still in touch. Whenever we need a handyman, landscaper, etc. contact, he is as responsive and helpful as when we were working with him!"
- Mike and Soek Mun (Buyers)

Brian is outstanding and is the most reliable agent I have ever worked with

"Brian is outstanding and is the most reliable agent I have ever worked with; I felt lucky to have him as my agent. He is very capable of serving both domestic and overseas clients. He helped me a lot after the purchase, such as opening the house for potential tenants and checking the water meter for me. I wouldn't hesitate to refer him to my family, relatives, and best friends."
- Jenian (Buyer)